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Administrative Services


Take advantage and utilize our mounted expertise from hours on the job and continued learning at all levels to help solve your problems.




Pre-Build/Renovation + Analysis of Current Installs

Textile/Vinyl/Ceramic & Other Finish Consultation. You want an educated expert opinion on textiles to install on a new build, or want to know which office chairs will hold up to your specific style and colour choice  – Stewmen can provide you with specific and concentrated knowledge to help you develop a clear understanding of your choices. These choices will help you better understand maintenance and cleaning budgets, plan depreciation and replacement timelines and help you run a well-planned, always clean and fresh and inviting atmosphere in your business.  This extra in-depth information on your assets will also help purchasing departments specify and hone their bidding process and budget and ultimately their selection process. It’s a consultation and reporting service that pays for itself in many ways, many times over.

Individual/Group Cleaning Training

Stewmen Cleaning Training provides invaluable insight into our industry and those seeking to work and grow their skills/business within it. We can provide insight and new skills to even the most seasoned cleaners. (Here at Stewmen, we have a continuous learning policy for our own staff.) We provide a wide-range of courses, modules, hands-on experiences and connections to local support. We are equipped to bring you an enriched learning and hands-on experience at our locations or yours. Knowledgeable trainers who have worked the industry with years of experience enrich the learning process. Stewmen Training brings a high bar in best practices, technology, knowledge and standards as we seek to instill Stewmen high-standards into the cleaning industry.

Whether it’s refining skills and increasing production levels of your current contracts and staff, or getting ahead of the curve on safety and efficiency. Whether you want to ensure your staff is properly trained on equipment/jobs, or you want to expand your personal skill-sets and marketability as a cleaner/job-seeker. Learn a new skill or take your current skills and standards to the next level with Stewmen Training.


We offer analytical expertise, whether you need an expert opinion or an expert witness – the credibility behind Stewmen Inc. can easily be established. Having a wide range of clients from both the private and public sectors, while also maintaining a credible trail of continuous learning to remain at the fore front of our craft- right down to the technical knowledge and know-how that is prominent in our fact-based reporting. Whether it’s an audit of your current cleaning programs/textiles or it’s writing a report on the viability of keeping carpet vs replacing it on a large install job. We can provide you with the clean facts so you can make an educated decision.

If you’re in a situation where you need to report or have someone with an established and credible opinion to help you find the truth in a damage case. We provide industry-leading reports and witnesses to help assess and testify on your behalf. Another example of our service is those looking to recover or prevent loss from a new install that has quickly deteriorated. We can investigate and help establish causes and liability.

Business Growth & Marketing Training

Bidding, estimating, customer service, marketing, social media, client retention, competition pay roll, filing paper work with the government, what is required to remain compliant? You can be the greatest cleaner on the planet, but not have the tools to grow your business. Stewmen Business Growth & Marketing Training is tailored to our industry and can help any business grow. With programs that will go as far as analyze your current situation, suggest programs/training/consultation based on your current situation and local markets and generate training/suggest adjustments based on findings.

If you’re just starting out in the industry and want to get a handle on how to price a job and remain profitable, yet competitive. Or if you’re comfortable with your pricing but need to overcome that marketing rut to fill your days- Stewmen Business Growth & Marketing Training will help you gain that edge to remain competitive and profitable in an ever-evolving industry.