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“Call us with your concerns and we’ll create a plan to establish the source and rectify it!”

Services within our Auditing program include:

1) Establishing cleaning production rates:
As someone in charge of collecting bids or quotes for cleaning your facility, ensure you know exactly what your facility needs when you request bids. We can audit your property and determine a fair hourly rate to properly complete the job to the standards you define.

As someone who owns a cleaning company, knowing the production rates of your cleaning teams/facilities helps you ensure maximum efficiency.

2) Investigations:

Do you find you’re ordering a lot more supplies than you should be? Are cleaners leaving too many unsecured rolls of toilet paper in washrooms that are being taken? Are you going through expensive chemicals too quickly vs what they’re being used for in your facility?

Are you achieving maximum value in your Environmental Services program? Building/facility managers and Cleaning companies alike can ensure their cleaning programs are being properly followed. We can also establish if there is too much service in some areas and not enough in others.