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What is “Environmental Services Coordination Consultation?”

We help you manage and install your assets.

Sometimes cleaning isn’t as straight forward as it might seem. Did you know the temperature of the water you mop with can be costing you a lot more money than you think? How do you remain scent free but still ensure your washrooms are properly sanitized? How much sanitizer is too much?

What types of carpet fabrics would stand up better in a high-traffic call center with hotel seating? What types of chair fabric will withstand high-use? Is that fabric/design easy to clean, or will cleaning costs be higher with your selection?

As you can see, there are many questions that if you knew or had the answers to, you could trim your cleaning budget, increase efficiency while keeping your assets looking greater with less effort. Less effort circles back to trimming the budget further.

Before you gear up your office, let us apply our knowledge of cleaning to your choices in everything from carpet to office furniture and everything that divides it. We will help you create an environment that is easy to maintain from both a cost and a cleaning perspective.

We offer pre-consultations so you can approach designers with your selections. If you’re a designer, we can work with you to provide impressive solutions during the design process to your plan that will go beyond aesthetics and function. Everything from office chairs, to carpet tiles to cubicle dividers – which will work best for the area’s use/environment that you have planned?

At Stewmen, we can take your budget and develop a complete top-to-bottom “best practice” cleaning plan to most effectively maintain your property. This can be useful you’re a Municipal Buyer who needs more information on what it takes to clean your facilities so you can include it in a bid, or it can be useful if you’re the owner of a cleaning company who just brought on a major contract, or a facilities manager who wants to make better use of their daily cleaning staff.